Interview with PstD 4 Contributor Kate Heartfield

kateheartfieldThe Fulcrum gave some space to the talented Kate Heartfield, fiction writer and journalist whose short story, “Six Aspects of Cath Baduma,” is featured in Postscripts to Darkness Volume 4. A nice gift indeed for all involved on the eve of the issue’s unofficial proto-launch at Ottawa’s 2013 Can-Con. From Heartfield’s tale of warrior goddesses:  The rest of us got better-looking when Cath gave us our powers. Well, better isn’t quite the word. The hues of our skin were just slightly off anything found in nature. Our eyes were just a little too big for our faces. The wind that blew our hair blew for no one else. That kind of thing. But the Washer looked like a woman, an ugly woman. She was pale, her eyes dark pits behind lank hair. She went naked above the waist in all weather, her dugs puckered in the cold, her long skirt dark with water and mould. 

You can read the full interview here.

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