A Bit of Burgess

(Image courtesy of The National Post)

(Image courtesy of National Post)

Attention Tony Burgess fans: Postscripts to Darkness Volume 4 features a new short story by, and an interview with, the man behind one of Canada’s best-loved cult movies, Pontypool (2008, directed by Bruce McDonald of Highway 61 and Hard Core Logo fame). Burgess, who wrote the novel the film is based on as well as the Genie-nominated screenplay, loves to turn smalltown Ontario inside-out like an infected eyelid, and he does it with cutting prose. He’s also the author of People Live Still in Cashtown Corners, The Hellmouths of Bewdley, and Fiction for Lovers: Freshly Cut Tales of Flesh, Fear, Larvae, and Love (to name a few). Here’s a taste of what’s forthcoming between our next set of covers:

My son has just told me that giants came in the night and took the family from the corner house. He said they weren’t impossible giants. They were possible ones. Not mountain sized, just big enough to be called giants. Big enough to pick us up. The little girl, he says, was lifted by the front of her head—her face—and carried like a fish. I don’t believe this but the boy’s details make me shudder and I take to the dining room window where we have a clear view of the corner house. There are bits of glass and sill in the snow. The windows are black and broken. I make for the phone but see my son run into the corner yard. –Tony Burgess, “Soft Shell Story”

Yeah, we’re pretty excited, too. Volume 4 hits our storefront October 8th.

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