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A Holiday story from your friends at PstD

Image courtesy of Fashion Scout

Image courtesy of Fashion Scout

Happy Holidays, dear readers! For you, something festive yet dark, with love from Postscripts to Darkness. The following tale was composed, exquisite-corpse-style, by four PstD grinches, none of whom knew what the next contributor was planning. Chapter 1: Tisha Moor. Chapter 2: Ranylt Richildis. Chapter 3: Canice Caskey. Chapter 4: James K. Moran. These four naifs quickly learned just how challenging it is to produce a decent tale using this method. We can’t promise it’s our best work, but in the spirit of giving, here are the results. 

Christmas in a Box

 Chapter 1 (TM)

With every passing kilometre, her headache worsened until, by the time their little car approached the widening lanes and towering condos of Toronto’s sprawl, Elena had to crack open her window and press her forehead to the cool glass, her eyes squeezed shut to keep out the grey glow of the clouded sun.

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